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Man, we love telling stories.


Our Story

It takes a dedicated group of hunters and filmmakers to capture these sometimes trying and intense moments. The crew at Deked has taken this challenge and will be bringing a new cinematic look at decoying their prey. There will be disappointment and heartache along the journey and we do not know what tomorrow will bring, but we will accept the challenges that lay in our path.
This our life. This is Deked.

Our Approach.

When it comes to filming and decoying game, we here at Deked take the challenge to heart. It’s a way of life for us. Even though it can sometimes resemble a comedy sitcom, there are no actors here. It’s about the experience getting close to one of God’s great creatures. Although we like to think as ourselves as a bunch of Rambo’s, there’s no hiding this circus. We do the best we can with the circumstances we’re given. The sun isn’t always at our back and the wind isn’t always perfect. We live for the moment and let our footage tell the story.


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